student ministry

"How can a young person maintain a pure life? By guarding it according to your instructions."
~Psalm 119:9

We are glad you're interested in finding out more about our youth ministry! We believe that everyone needs a place to belong and where they can learn about Jesus in a safe, trusted environment.  We also believe in regular Christian service for our community, and of course having lots of fun together!

We believe in building strong connections between the church and home, as home is the primary place where faith is formed. If you're a parent browsing this page, thank you for trusting us to be a part of your teen's spiritual journey.  It's a true honor.

If you're a teen browsing this page, know that you and your friends are welcome-- really.  Whether you're a strong Christian, a seeking Christian, or even if you're not sure you even believe in Christ right now, you are welcome.

"You are young, but don’t let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them by what you say, by the way you live, by your love, by your faith, and by your pure life."  
~1 Timothy 4:12 (ERV)

What We Teach
(Winter/Spring 2024)

The HBC Youth Leadership Team (comprised of adult volunteer leaders, parent representatives, student representatives, and staff) all prayerfully work together to select curriculum/topics that offer study options that are meaningful for the youth in their various stages of faith and spiritual maturity. Whether a Christian or "Seeker" (not-yet-Christian), these options guide students to deepen their faith or perhaps to place faith in Christ for the first time.  No matter what, all students are welcome.  All our studies have small group discussion integrations and are not lecture-based.  See details below.
Doubt is okay!  Think that's strange to read on a church website?  Well, the only problem with doubt is one thing-- silence.  Doubt is a good thing when it spurs one on toward searching and finding answers to those doubts.  To quote an ancient church father (Anselm of Canterbury), "It is faith that tries to figure out God, faith that can ask 'why' with confidence knowing that God is not threatened by our doubt."
  • What Is Doubt? (Mark 9:21-27)
  • Why We Doubt (Genesis 18:9-15)
  • Defeating Doubt (John 20:24-31)
The Cross & The Resurrection
This series will teach about what the cross and resurrection of Christ means.  Why is it important?  Why was it necessary? Why does it matter?  What does it all mean and what difference does it make in the lives of humanity (in particular, the youth listening and discussing this content!)?  This series' goal is to guide students toward understanding faith in a way that makes sense.
Why I Believe
This series moves beyond information (from the previous series) to a defense of that information.  In other words, the content from "The Cross & The Resurrection" only matters if it's true.  The content of the last series was taught from a vantage point assuming one believes it's true; however, how do we know it's true?  Now that students have heard, discussed, and hopefully understand they "what" and "why," the goal of this series is to guide them to understanding how to defend the veracity of Christianity-- that it's all true and impacts our lives not just for eternity, but now, too!
  • Week 1: Why I Believe in the Resurrection
  • Week 2: Why I Believe the Bible
  • Week 3: Why I Believe in an Afterlife
  • Week 4: Why I Believe in Creation
  • Week 5: Why I Believe in God

2023 - 2024
Youth Events

Hampstead Baptist Church Student Ministry stays active, offering various recreational, service-oriented, and spiritual opportunities throughout the year.  The slideshow above highlights our 2023-2024 calendar, giving an idea of what to expect during the school year.  The goal is to balance youth-only events with intergenerational events that include youth and adults.  For any overnight retreat, a permission/medical release form is required.  This form is good for one school year (and subsequent summer) and must be renewed each year in August.
Text keyword HBCYOUTHPARENTS or HBCYOUTH to (855) 487-8169, and be sure to save that number in your phone as "HBC Text Alerts."
Stay up-to-date on upcoming events and announcements (plus, see some fun pics) by following our Facebook and/or Instagram pages and signing up for reminder text alerts.


HBC is blessed to have a team of adults who love Jesus and teenagers who are willing to serve in the youth ministry-- some directly and others behind-the-scenes.  Meet the team below:

Courtney Bouchard


Mary Bouchard


William Bouchard


Cindy Justice

Sunday School
(& Wednesdays)

Caleb Canuel


James Wei


Meredith Canuel


Jonathan Hale


Suzanne Wright

Parents/Guardians are the primary spiritual influencers of their teens/kids. HBC desires to come alongside families to strengthen and resource them toward spiritual and holistic familial health. Below are some links to resources we value and believe you'll find helpful and meaningful as you parent.