At Hampstead Baptist Church, we are blessed to have a dedicated team of pastors, staff, and lay leaders who are committed to serving our congregation and community with love, compassion, and dedication. Get to know the faces and names of those who lead and support our church. Pastors, staff, and lay leaders all work together with a common goal of serving Christ and His church with excellence, humility, and a little fun, too!

Joey Canady

Senior Pastor

About Joey
Joey was born and raised in Wilmington, NC. He began pastoral ministry in 1993 after a short-term mission trip to Ukraine, serving as an Associate Pastor at his home church in Wilmington. After graduating from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Joey began shepherding churches in the Southeastern NC area. He has served at Hampstead Baptist since February of 2014. Pastor Joey loves shepherding God’s people and preaching God’s Word.

Joey has been married to his wife, Ramona since July of 1988. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.  During his free time, he enjoys listening to and playing bluegrass music and telling corny jokes.

Chris Canuel

Family Pastor

About Chris
Chris Canuel was called to serve as Hampstead Baptist Church’s Family Pastor in December of 2021.  One won't find a "Family Ministry" tab on the website because family ministry is woven into the fabric of each ministry of the church.  Before joining HBC, Chris served at Cheerful Hope Baptist Church in Delco, NC.  Chris holds a Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

When he's not busy with church life, you'll find Chris watching Atlanta Braves baseball or hanging out with his wife, Meredith, and their nine kids.  He's also an avid reader and loves to write.

Jonathan Hale

Student Pastor

About Jonathan
Jonathan has served on staff in church ministry, in some capacity, since 2003, beginning with college internships and moving on to full-time ministry in churches around NC in the mountains, piedmont, and coast. Most recently, he served nearly 9 years as Minister of Students & Discipleship at First Baptist of Kannapolis, NC. Jonathan earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Appalachian State University and a Master of Divinity in Christian Education from Gardner-Webb University.

Jonathan and his family moved to Pender County in 2022, responding to a family need, making their way to Hampstead Baptist as members. Over a year's time, and through a series of God-orchestrated events, Jonathan was voted to become the Student Pastor in October 2023. When he's not serving at church, Jonathan works raising Maltese and Poodle puppies with his wife, Ashley. Jonathan and Ashley have two daughters, Mollie and Melody. He loves coffee and Chick-fil-A, but most of all Jesus and His Church!

Michael Compton

Interim Minister of Music

About Michael
Michael was called to Hampstead Baptist Church as Interim Minister of Music in February 2024.  Michael earned a Bachelor of Church Music from Samford University and a Master of Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has had many years of ministry experience and brings so much to the table as he leads the music ministries of HBC, to the glory of God.

Michael also works in the audio/visual industry.  He and his wife, Karri, are marriage mentors and they have three grown children.

Wendy Askew

Church Secretary

About Wendy
Wendy has served on staff as church secretary since 2021. In 2024, she is also taking on the role of Financial Secretary after the retirement of the beloved Ms. Libby.

Paula Beveridge

Church Accompanist

About Paula
My journey at HBC, began back in 1999, where God called me, not actually as the church pianist, at that time.. but I was drawn by an incredible warmth, emanating from a group of people, I would soon call my church family, for many years. I had found where God wanted me to be, although I couldn't quite sure, figure out why God would place me in a church, where there was this amazing pianist, that I knew I couldn't compare to.. after all, in my previous 'military life'.. where ever God would station us, the church I ended up joining.. always seem to need a pianist.. But God.. had a plan. Despite me leaving HBC, in 2010, leaving NC, actually.. to return to Texas, to not only take care of my sister, but for some spiritual healing for myself.  I returned to NC, in 2012, primarily, because, after many years of praying, God had heard my prayers, and returned to me, what had so unjustly, been taken away. And,of course, grandchild #2, of which I now have #6, had just been born.. and Texas was just.. much too far away! So, God brought me back! I actually, had just come for a visit to HBC, when Richard had asked me to fill in for Ms Joan the following Sunday, (just for old times sake..).. and I've been back, ever since!
I began singing with my sisters in our little trio, we called The Appuglies Sisters, when I was 8 yrs old, which obviously, was the work of God, because with no formal training, who sings alto and tenor, at such a young age, you have to stand on a stool, behind the pulpit, just to be seen? I took about a year of piano lessons, after I'd been just teaching myself, by playing by chords, and watching my grandmother play, for so many years. Unfortunately, my teacher and I had to part ways, because she wouldn't allow me to "ad lib".. all these notes, that I felt, made the song.. SO much prettier.. I do wish, however,  I would have stayed with her a little longer, to learn more basic skills, and to be able to "read music".. but I also, believe, God was, and is, 100% in control of all the talents he has given me. And I truly believe, the words in the song, I wrote, so many years ago, (I recently sang) "With all my heart, dear Lord, I Praise you.. for giving me talents, undeserved... so I might use them, to Praise your name". So please, if you hear a song I played, or a song I sing.. no need to thank me, just thank God! I give all the glory to Him.. and I thank God for the honor, and privilege, just to serve Him through my music.
Thank you, HBC, for allowing me to serve as your pianist.   ~Paula Beveridge


The word "deacon" comes from the Greek word διάκονος (diakonos), meaning "servant" or "helper" and that is exactly what a deacon is for the families of HBC whom these men serve. The Deacon Ministry’s purpose is to nurture and strengthen families in the Lord. The work of our deacons is an extension of the pastor’s ministry to love and care for families in our congregation.  Deacons are called to be dedicated servants who use their spiritual gifts in a shared ministry of concern for the total well-being of God’s people. Deacons are to be supportive in times of need as well as rejoiceful in times of celebration.

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